Programmes are in 4 options which can be delivered on their own or combined.

  • Immersion

    Oxford or London.
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  • On-the-move

    The trainer comes to you.
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  • Online

    e-learning programmes
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  • English Plus Coaching

    Language programmes with coaching
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See our case studies for examples of our programmes.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Company Clients learn English by Experience

Many managers are finding the need to adapt quickly to the needs of the changing geography of our workplace and nationality of our teams and partners. Language solutions are at the core of what we do, so we complement this with the communication and intercultural skills needed to succeed in the new business context.



Communication skills

Effective use of English in meetings, presentations, conference calls, video conference calls, negotiations, interpersonal skills, socializing, emails, report writing

Intercultural skills

Effective communication skills in different cultural contexts

We listen to you and create programmes that:

  • meet the specific objectives of your company and learner
  • include regular reviews, evaluations and reports
  • fit the personality and learning preferences of your learner
  • fit around the learner’s time and location

Language teaching, practice tasks and experiences in the real world including on-the-job are fully integrated in the training programme. This makes the learning relevant, focussed and efficient.

We use a combination of tasks depending on the goals, the learner’s personality and preferred learning style. These come from teaching, coaching and often the learners themselves.

Process and Evaluation

Plan Do Check Act cycle

The programmes are divided into stages, with planned, formal and informal assessments and evaluations. Learner and trainer work together on this and line manager or HR representative can be involved in giving feedback from the company’s perspective when and if appropriate.

Evaluation occurs  pre-course, mid-course, end of course.  Long-term development programmes are divided into phases, each containing pre and post-phase evaluations.

If at any point the learner is not progressing, feedback is immediate and honest and appropriate action is taken. An open discussion usually solves the issue.