My name is Carolyn Phillips and I’m the founder and head trainer at English by Experience.

Carolyn Phillips head trainer at English by Experience English language training in Oxford

I’ve developed the English by Experience method over many years teaching English to successful international business people from around the world: The Middle East, The Far East, Europe, South, Central and North America.

My extensive personal experience of being bilingual, my passion for learning languages, life and work in UK, Italy, Japan and Thailand all feed into the work I do on a daily basis, as do my interest and training in intercultural communication skills.

After qualifying in management coaching, I began to integrate coaching into my teaching, with very exciting results! It had a major impact, giving the learner many additional benefits. I use it to mainly to accelerate and embed learning, develop confidence and mindset, maintain commitment and develop communication and intercultural skills.

I also offer personal coaching to support people make changes in other areas – professional development, life changes and relationships. Check this out on my other website: http://www.carolyncoaching.co.uk

I’m committed to the people I work with and strive to give my learners the best possible experience and outcomes. This motivates me to keep up to date with developments in teaching, coaching, languages, learning and technology and – last but not least – listen to my clients.



All the English language trainers have been selected for their professionalism and expertise.
They are all actively engaged in continuing their professional development.


Our team is made up of consultants working in a wide range of disciplines in the UK and internationally. Many of these are affiliated to Oxford University.