Learn the English you need to be and look more like your professional self  in the international workplace. Improve the quality of your communication in English. Experience and learn the language in context with our specialised trainers.  Our courses are all tailored and delivered one to one or to small groups.

Intensive English language courses in Oxford for individuals and companies

Practical tuition to teach you what you need to know

Online programmes wherever you are to fit into your schedule

English in context with training tasks tailored to your needs

Achieve results in the shortest possible time

  • Be more confident and enjoy speaking English
  • Have more presence and impact
  • Be clearer, more accurate and specific
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Understand different accents
  • Write professional emails, reports and blog posts
  • Be more tactful and diplomatic
  • Be more direct and assertive
  • Communicate successfully with multicultural teams

We pay careful attention to each individual’s needs, blending teaching and coaching to get results efficiently and enjoyably. Based in Oxford UK, we’re a small team of qualified and experienced trainers, dedicated to delivering high quality English language training.


    We work with companies to offer programmes that respond to their English language, communication and intercultural skills development needs.

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    We offer courses to individuals who have personal, cultural or professional reasons for improving their English language skills.

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Programmes are delivered in a variety of ways to suit your schedule, needs and preferences:

  • Immersions in Oxford – 1 or 2 week programmes or 2 day workshops
  • Intensive courses where you are – 2 days +
  • Online – stand alone or add-on programmes

Oxford offers a beautiful and historic setting for our courses and a rich offering of events and experts. If you only have a weekend free, we run 2-day immersions in the vibrant city of London.


Coaching sessions and programmes complement the language training and support other areas of development, professional and personal.

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See my coaching website Carolyn Coaching for more coaching if your English level is advanced or you are a native speaker.